Ep. 22 Toxic Waste

Know a toxic person in your life? Have a backed up toilet? Well, Rene did, and it destroyed his kitchen! Join Steve and Rene in this episode as they dive deep into the murky sewage that life can seem to manifest. Also, find out why Squishee Sandwich played hide and seek on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Boop! Never stand up for insolence; Kindness is free!

Episode 22 Show Notes

Sometimes we all come to a cross roads where we have to re evaluate the people in our lives we truly adore and have been there for.

We have to ask ourselves how much have they put into this? You may see yourself on a forward trajectory with no limits in sight but your limitations only being those people in your life that can't see beyond your vision.

Maybe it's time to take a clean break from old friendships to make room for ones that are willing to grow with you.

All this and more on this Episode of The Squishee Sandwich Podcast!