René Vincit

Rene Vincit is a Latino X LGBT combat veteran residing in the Washington DC area. Currently, he works in consulting as a multi-media public affairs specialist for commercial and government agencies across the nation.

After 10 years of active duty service with the United States Navy as a combat medic, he has chosen to pursue a career in fine art and social inequalities. He is challenging the social norm and becoming a voice for veterans suffering from PTSD, military sexual trauma, and addiction through a variety of platforms.

Rene has spoken on panels regarding the variety of challenges service members face during their transition process and re-integration into the civilian sector.


Steve Nguyen

Steve is an Active Duty Navy service member who currently resides in the National Capital area, and up until recently, his childhood dreams were to have a successful career in the military. Unfortunately, he was newly diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an auto-immune disease that has halted his career in the military. Along with his diagnosis came a great deal of depression stemming not only from the illness but also the convoluted medical retirement process the Navy created for him.

Life happens sometimes, and we are forced to re-shape our paths to success, which is what Steve is doing now in the most resilient way possible. To maintain a healthy and more fulfilled lifestyle, Steve took on the challenge of training as an Olympic Weightlifter and began to explore various creative avenues. Steve’s latest ventures include Veteran Advocacy, Crohn’s Advocacy, Improv, Digital Content Creation, and the Performing Arts.

Steve is also a proud dog owner! Luca, an all black German Shepard who has given even his darkest days meaning, happiness, and most importantly a sense of purpose.

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