Ep. 10 Oriental Improv

WE MADE IT TO EPISODE 10! According to statistics that's about the time, most podcasters stop producing content...We aren't ending anytime soon. We did not come together for the fame and glory but what we did come for...was you! The Listeners! Why? Because our stories are complex and we are prepared to share them to help others see the light. But in this episode, we focus on the lighter side of things. Steve, Welcome back! Tune in and find out just how many impersonations Steve can come up with including the one that drives his girlfriend out of the bedroom and into her car seeking asylum lol!

Ep. 10 Show Notes

Rene :

I am thrilled to have Steve back in the group, and in this episode, you will very quickly figure out why! I mean Juliet stole my in house chef but whatevs lol I am happy he has found a healthy balance in his life and a creative outlet that will potentially mature into a career for all of us!