Ep. 5 Dior Ashley Brown

We are super excited to bring you episode 5 of our podcast where you get to meet Dior Ashley Brown the creator of the Squishee Sandwich Soundtrack! In this uncut interview, we sit down for some drinks and hookah and dive into Dior’s creative process, and touch on some very personal notes about her journey as a Women of Color in the Washington, D.C. music scene. We also will catch you up on Gladys’ challenge! Find out if she completed her time in Snap Chat Jail or did she bust out as soon as she could?

Episode 5 Show Notes

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Patrick: When I first had the pleasure of meeting Dior, it was a meeting that blew me away.  The presence and energy she brought to our first face-to-face meeting were exquisite.  She has a way of soothing and relaxing you with her smile, voice, and chill vibe.  I appreciated the time she took out of her busy recording and performing schedule to sit down with us to brainstorm a good theme song for the Squishee Sandwich.  By recording, engaging with us, and sharing our stories with our personalities, Dior was able to encapsulate all of it into a song.  When you hear the track, it screams Petty Patrick, Rude Rene, and Giggly Gladys.  Just by meeting and being in the presence of Dior Ashley Brown you can tell that she is destined for greatness!

Rene: As I mentioned before here are the pics from my paint & sip session! Had a blast with my buddy Tyler! Finally dragged him out of the barracks life for a night for of fun and laughs!


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Marvins Washington DC; my very first time experiencing the talented Dior Ashley Brown! Wow! What an amazing and lively performance that was! Dior Ashley Brown has a captivating spirit that can wheel in any audience. She's Dior is a natural born performer with an old soul. I am very excited to have such a talented, beautiful, inspirational and powerful black woman partner with us in a musical way.

If you haven't already purchased your tickets for the Dior Ashley Brown Kennedy center event, make sure to go ahead and do so! Support and show love to our local MCs! You do not want to miss this show! I am so excited to see what's next for Dior Ashley Brown!