Ep. 8 Dreamscapes & Sake

We are going strong! Dive DEEP AF into the minds of Rene and Patrick as they skydive into their dreams and discuss the effects of mental health on the ability to sleep and process trauma. Also, you might want to listen in and find out why Rene called the cops after one of his dreams where he was transplanted back to Afghanistan! All this on our 8th Episode of the Squishee Sandwich: Dreamscapes & Sake! Shots! Shots! Shots! EVERYBODY!

Episode 8 Show Notes

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Dreams can have so many meanings and sometimes voicing them may help because it may be related to something else altogether. Last night actually the day before this episode posted I had a dream that I was on an outdoor stage in Taos, NM. Well in the rear of the scene I saw my mother kneeling next to a bed where her dying brother lay which is significant because he recently past away. I could tell she was sad, but I had people zooming by me left and right asking me questions and prepping me for a show that was about to go live. My co-host on the stage who I couldn’t make out started to speak, and in that instant, I felt my mother and uncle wisp away. Now it was my turn to talk on stage, and I could feel the tears running down my face because I didn’t know what to do all I could think about was my mother and uncle disappearing. Someone tells me that we are announcing McDonald’s Partnership with Public Laundry Mats….I yell out to the stage director “IM UP HERE FOR FUCKING CHICKEN NUGGETS! WT….!” and I woke up.

I couldn’t make sense of it, so I meditated and spent the day just taking in everything and putting my spirituality first. It wasn't until the end of the night that I called my mother, and I began telling her the dream. She said, “My god are you somehow in my thoughts just yesterday you sent me a text instructing me to drink water but what you didn’t know is that I had been coughing for 10 minutes straight”. Now you dream this, and today, your cousin went in for surgery for a biopsy of her breast for a cancer screening. I have been worried and praying for her since they had to put her under for the procedure.

That’s when it all came together for me. In my dream, my mother was worried about something serious I could feel her anxiety, but the McDonalds twist at the end was a clue that it wasn’t a life or death matter taking out the level of severity that I was concluding.

Dreams aren’t always this foreshadowing sometimes they force you to look at aspects of your life that you are ignoring. If you are reading this and are saying to yourself “I don’t dream anything so whatever” to that I have to say ….ask and you shall receive. Before you go to bed, make it part of your routine to simply just ask the universe to wake you up and help you navigate your life through your dreams. You might be surprised by what you are gifted with even the ugliest dreams bear meaning. Trust me I KNOW! I Spent months going on 2-3 hours of sleep because I was afraid of going to sleep and what I would see. There’s hope on the other side once you began to process all that traumatic data you have stored in your brain!

Check out the book below! Its a fun and informative book! It’s the one Patrick picked up off my shelf, and I am now re-reading! If you have any suggestions for dream books or want to share a crazy dream you’ve had feel free to comment below, email us, or comment on our Instagram!

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Symbols, Signs & Dream Interpretation

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Patrick’s Kimchi Recipe
Serves Ten

  • Ingredients:

      • 1 head Chinese cabbage, about 2kg salt

    • For Marinade

      • ¼ cup coarse sea salt

      • 5 tbsp water

      • 2 tsp table salt

    • For seasonsing

      • ½ Chinese white radish peeled and thinly sliced

      • 1 oz Korean chives

      • 1 oz watercress

      • 5 garlic cloves

      • ½ oz peeled fresh ginger root

      • ½ onion

      • ½ Asian pear

      • 1 chestnut sliced

      • 3 spring onion sliced

      • ¼ cup Korean chilli powder (can use chilli paste)

      • ½ cup Thai Fish Sauce

      • 1 tbsp sugar

      • 1 red chili sliced

  1. Make a deep cut across the base of the head of Chinese cabbage and split it into two.  Repeat this with the two halves, splitting them in quarters. Then, Place the quarterered head in a bowl and cover it with water, adding 2tbsp salt.  Lave quarters soaked for around 2 hours

  2. Drain the cabbage and sprinkle with the sea salt for the marinade, make sure to coat well between the leaves.  Leave to stand for a minimum of 4 hours

  3. Cut radish slices into fine strips.  Cut watercress ito 2in lengths. Finely chop garlic, ginger, onion, and asian pear.  Combine with ½ cup of water

  4. Rince the softened quarters of Chinese cabbage in cold running water.  Place into a very large bowl and coat with seasoning mixture, ensuring that the mixture gets between the leaves and that all leaves are left uncovered.

  5. Around this point the outermost leaf of each quarter of cabbage will be soft.  This will allow you to wrap tightly around the other leaves to help the seasoning penetrate throughout the whole

  6. Place Chinese leaves in an airtight container.  Leave to stand at room temperature for 3 hours, then leave in refrigerator for 24 hours

Notes: Kimchi can be stored for up to 5 months in a refrigerator.  At this point it may be best to add to flavour cooked dishes due to pickled veggies being too pungent.  It may be advantageous to use containers that can seal well (think mason jars or screw top glasses. Additionally, using gloves will help keep your hands clean from the messy process of making kimchi.  I typically will store my kimchi for a while to make sure it ferments well. In the beginning process of fermentation, I will bring the jars out of the fridge and wipe them down, rotate them to ensure that all of its contents of the marinade are mixing well, and sometimes will open the jar and mix around the contents with chopsticks or a fork.  I will limit the process as time goes on.