Ep. 4 Thank you, Sex?

In this episode, we discuss the highs and lows of hookup app culture and social media. Sex, Bumble Besties, Awkward Moments, and Morena's SHELTERED ASS CHILDHOOD! Hide your Skorts! Hide your Training Bras! Hide your... Myspace? All this on our fourth episode of The Squishee Sandwich! Next Week, we catch up with the creator of the Squishee Sandwich Sound Track, Dior Ashley Brown, as she discusses her creative process and her upcoming venue at The Kennedy Center.

Episode 4 Show Notes

Rene: So in this episode, I discussed how I used Snapchat as a creative outlet. It became an unhealthy method of deflecting the real-life trauma I was hiding away. “Snap Drag” as I dubbed it, became a way for me to step into different characters and portray my life as happy and filled with joy. The compliments I received made me feel good and gave me a false sense of security, even though my life was falling apart all around me. I went so far as creating a YouTube series called “My Z Snapped Life” (Now Private) that was a collection of all my posts documenting this period of depression as I lived it through Snapchat. Fortunately, since then, I found a great therapist and together we started working on the best possible version of myself. I have grown so much in the past four years. As promised, here are a few of my “Snap Drag” Moments and the infamous RuPaul clip! Oh and if I ever do drag….Eva T. Killz is the name I WILL SLAY WITH lol

Rene: Also, in this episode, I mentioned I may potentially be doing a TV segment with Veterans N Transition. I wanted to provide all of their information here because the work that they are doing is simply INCREDIBLE! They are shedding light into so many of the untold stories of my fellow veterans good and bad! Be sure to check them out! Here are all their social media links and a short video from their youtube channel.

Veterans N Transition on Social Media:

Facebook @BusinessResourceTV

Twitter @OneBRTV

YouTube Channel  - Veterans N Transition


I wanted to take the time to credit the amazing artwork used in this weeks episode art.


One of my personal passions is street photography and this past January I ended up in Miami. A local suggested that I visit the abandoned RC Cola Factory to get some photos of some of the worlds most talented graffiti artists. That’s where I captured this beautiful portrait!

NEXT WEEK EPISODE 5: The Making of The Squishee Sandwich Soundtrack!