Ep. 7 Duck The F*%!

Welcome back Morena! Duck The F#%! we missed you in the last episode! In this episode, we update you on the topics from Episode 3 and we bring up some DTF moments in our personal lives and some headlines you may have missed! And a special appearance from the Green Lantern ....or Old Lantern....whatever lol tune in and FIND OUT!

Episode 7 Show Notes



So for this episodes art I wanted to go with the theme of the topic by taking our Duck Logo and giving it a DTF expression. I think collectively we have decided to make “Duck the Fuck” a regular segment so anticipate a new graphic every time we roll out a new Duck The Fuck Episode.

As an artist though, I give credit where credit is due! The wave photograph in the background used for this week’s graphic was taken by @jeremybishop Amazing Portfolio!

Or Check Out His Website Here!

I found a picture of a marathon Patrick and I did not the one mentioned in the show though!



Rene and his reZICKulous hipster outfits pictured above lol Go Back to Cali lol jk