Ep. 6 Squishee Passions

Squishee Passions! In this episode, we dive deep into the things we do and why we do them. Our passions, our loves, our lols, and most importantly ourselves in our truest forms. Or you can listen to find out how René ended up in a basement Orgy in Toronto on one midsummer night ... Unfortunately, Morena was unable to join us for this episode #MsWorkaholic! but came back in full force ...and action? In our next episode....DUCK THE FUCK!

Episode 6 Show Notes



Be sure to check out Dior’s performance March 23! Catch a glimpse of my Nefertiti paintings I created for her and the DAB Band!

You can check out the painting by Clicking Here.


This episode is very close to my heart.  This was like my second coming out regarding my status.  Although I have been working in the field of gay men’s health and HIV for 8 years, I was faced with going back into the closet regarding my status since being married.  Being unafraid and having the full support of my husband I am ready to begin having serious conversations regarding my life with HIV. Whatever life throws at you, it is critical that you create margaritas out of limes.  

For more information on my story please visit my Youtube channel:

Plus Life of Pat

or a major project I worked on as a representative for:

Positive Spin

eNCA New Interview: New AIDS campaign targeting specific groups of people